Hello world!

Started this wordpress site to gain the skills to be able to develop web sites for community organisations, also looking into Zylum a more user friendly website application for small groups.


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. So Israel bomb an energy research facility in Damascas, no contact with Syrian’s, internet black out, no power since bomb and mushroom cloud like a mini one, plutonium either within the facility or contained in bomb, no word of how the people are, I’m terrified at the extent of disregard for humans from all sides, rebels, Syrian army,Isrealy army all responsible for war crimes and repressive crimes on humanity, all those whom take advantage of the situation to abuse and take advantage of the vulnerable with no regard, of the consequences except to perpetuate fear, attracting more war warmongering abusers, the abuser disgusts me how it will abuse because can get away with it, psychopaths abusing the planet creating slow painful death and extinction by poisoning the earth.

    1. More nagging thoughts, it appears a Neutron bomb was dropped in Yemen and questions as to whom did it, there are some comments as to the United Emirates did it with Isrehell backing, no one admitting to it but the citizens that witnessed it are nowhere to be seen, possibly the refugees that have fled such an atrocity, this truly is genocide in our times.

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