Nuclear industry fears shift to decentralized electricity system – fights renewables, not gas


“One thing to understand about the nuclear industry is that nuclear is also the coal and natural gas industry”

 These days natural gas-fired power is cheap, but wind is even cheaper.

fossil-fuel-fightback-1Even if renewables make up only a small amount of generation, they represent a shift to a more decentralized energy system, less reliant on big baseload coal or nuclear power plants

Why the nuclear industry targets renewables instead of gas, Midwest Energy news,  on 02/06/2015 by Kari Lydersen

Why attack renewables?……..“The fact of the matter is natural gas and wind power both compete with Exelon’s nuclear generation,” said Environmental Law & Policy Center director Howard Learner. “Exelon can’t do anything about the market price for natural gas, so Exelon is training its fire on trying to stop and hold off wind power and solar energy development.”

Some companies that own nuclear generation are also heavily invested in natural…

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