Will International Energy Agency continue to cave in to pressure from fossil fuel and nuclear lobbies?


Last year’s World Nuclear Industry Status Report found that nuclear’s share of world power had fallen to its lowest in 30 years despite new plants coming online, and billion dollar government subsidies and loans.

terminal-nuclear-industryIt appears likely that nuclear power is now in terminal decline, having peaked around 1996 at 18% of global energy production, dropping steadily since then to 11%. Much of the reason is the massive costs of nuclear power, and the long lead-times for installations, compared to the diminishing costs of solar and wind.

Energy market madness is the death spasm of the oil age – renewables now! Ecologist  Nafeez Ahmed 4th February 2015  Current oil price volatility is a symptom of the end of cheap oil and it’s destablising the entire global economy. The answer is a major shift to renewables – but the the International Energy Agency, which should be leading the transition, is in…

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