No nuclear restart, Japanese judge decides

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Fukushima Radioactive Food Shipped & Nuclear Restarts Blocked

14 April 2015

Taiwan to Step Up Regulation of Japan Food Imports Because Japan Shipped [to] Taiwan Radioactive Food! This is a PERFECT EXAMPLE WHY the TPP is such a Big Deal!

Taiwanese officials are stepping up their regulation of food imports from Japan. That’s to make sure the products are free of radioactive contamination.

Taiwan has banned shipments of food from 5 Japanese prefectures, including Fukushima, since the nuclear plant accident in March 2011.

And now, Taiwanese health authorities are implementing additional measures. They said on Monday they will require proof of origin to accompany food imports.

Officials will also demand radiation checks on specific items, including baby food.

Taiwanese officials proposed the new regulatory steps last year. But they put them on hold because of opposition from Japan.

The officials apparently changed…

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