Questions regarding community powers

It appears to me that a lot of pressure is put on residents to have all the necessary skills & expertise to be able not only to steer, start up, apply for funding & finance to buy leases of community public assets but a big pitfall appears to me, if you finally are able to do all that is required to become recognised by the council (whom are reluctant to support community endeavours) which is difficult enough but we now have to be able to complete all necessary within 6 weeks to find funding for lease of community asset, if not achieved the council claim it and can do with it what will, be it sell off to private enterprise, at the same time group is responsible to have all the skills necessary to engage the community such as website, surveys, consultation visioning meetings, social events etc, all arranged by a few community residents, I don’t mind but.. at the same time managing to survive on a less than minimum income without claiming benefits makes life a very fine balance we will endeavour in the tradition of hope that maybe just maybe managing to make some peoples lives a little more bearable, offering a path of well being, tall ask.


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