Vision For Local Area

I considered, what if my life is taken early or I end up incarcerated and I never got it written down my vision for the future of the local area where I life and the vision for a future of surviving a radioactive contaminated enviroment, for there is no reason to kid the populase of the planet further, Fukushima multiple nuclear power reactor explosions, meltdowns & melt throughs, that has for the past 4 years spewd radioactive contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean, now that the North West Coast of America is now showing the consequences of an ongoing meltdown, the Pacific Ocean is dieing and all Oceans are connected, how is it possible to protect life from this if it is in the rain water that most crops depend on, it isn’t possible to decontaminate radioactive water, is humanity going to curl up and whimper in the corner whilst it deteriates and allow all the corrupt criminals to get away with causing extinction level event.

I was suppose to be writing about my local enviroment but as ever it is difficult without considering the effects of radioactive contaminated enviroment, not now:

Wildlife sanctuaries across London

Unused gardens and wildlife space to be opened up and create corridoors of nature away from polluting road traffic

Tree corridoors joining up areas for cycling and pedestrians

Monitoring of air quality by locals as the state has a habit of not getting a true picture as of the life threatening effects of bad air quality

Neighbourhood Office in Sunnyside Gardens to be used as a Well Being Centre for all residents to get access to support as most are isolated and need local facilities.

Butterfly & bird sanctuaries, covered and protected, bee hives & encouragement of wild insects

Ban all chemical weed killers, herbicides & insecticides as this is what is killing our wildlife and tainting the soil as well as getting into water supply and its not possible, as yet to remove it, it is the cause of brain disorders.

Secret gardens to be opened up for use of peace & quiet to get away from the hecticness of living in a city.

So it is important that the unused neighbourhood office becomes a community hub for the Sunnyside Garden community & as a health centre, not to become yet another sold off public asset, you only have to look at the neighbourhood office that was sold off at Tufnel Park to see what kind of build they would like to put in place there, this isn’t Tufnell Park.

Community run cafe at The Cape Youth Club, Solar roof on the concrete pitch, that can store energy to be used to charge up electrical devices and electric cycles, that way there is somewhere to play even if it is raining, windmills that produce electricity, I know the ones to use, I’ve been studieing it for years, just never have the funds to do.

Air quality stations on Hornsey Rise & Crouch Hill to get an estimate of the amount of toxins being breathed in, maybe it is time for all children to wear breathing masks when playing outside here in North London.

Here a youtube that clearly defines how planning is manipulated in order to sell off public assets into private hands never to be for use of the commons ever again.


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