You Must Be Choking! Campaigners turn out in the rain to say NO to the Queensway Gateway road

We have to fight to protect everything, the environment is under attack by the super rich & corporations.

Combe Haven Defenders

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Pollution hotspot: Sedlescombe Road North

Heavy rain was not enough to put off the hardy band of campaigners who gathered today to highlight the issue of the air pollution which would be caused if the Queensway Gateway road were built.  We gathered with our banners and masks to say NO to the Queensway Gateway road: no to more air pollution; no to increased carbon emissions; no to the destruction of Hollington Valley; and no to yet another of SeaChange’s wasteful projects paid for with public money.



SeaChange’s own figures show that air pollution limits would be breached at a number of residential properties near the new road, including on Sedlescombe Road North (the A21) near the Ridge. These breaches of the law on air pollution were the reason that Hastings Council finally agreed – after holding out for almost four months – to quash the planning application for the road.

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