Were there radioactive materials in the Tianjin warehouse?


text-cat-questionAs China races to clean up the still very dangerous Tianjin explosion site, and censors the Internet on news and images of this disaster – we are left with the question  – “What was stored in that warehouse?”

The fact that military staff, and International Atomic Energy Agency staff rushed to the area – does make you think that Chinese authorities considered that there was radioactive material stored in that warehouse.

If that were the case – the local area and even Beijing might be in danger from radioactive isotopes blown out by the massive explosion.

Unfortunately, information about this possibility is not forthcoming.

It underlines a serious problem about China being the current poster boy for the nuclear industry. A totalitarian and secretive regime is simply not  a safe place at all for nuclear facilities.

Tianjin doesn’t have nuclear power plants, as far as I can find out. But it…

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