Interview with Gordon Smith the Clairvoyant


On this podcast we interview Gordon Smith, the world renowned Clairvoyant.

Dedicated to the victims of the Japan Tsunami, Earthquake and nuclear disaster on the 5th anniversary of the tragedy in 2011

Podcast link here;

“but the more human we get the less spiritual we get and the less connectivity we have to the planet; and the more we start to think we depend more on nuclear energy and oil then we don’t actually realise we serve the planet, we have no where to use these things and we wont have an existence, so we need to start being aware that the actual planet is a living being that produces life, constantly every year she gives us more ” – G. Smith 2016

First we decided to talk about the issue of the surveillance state and possible impacts to confidentiality issues with clairvoyants, counsellors and healers in the…

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