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Live & worked around North London most of my life and have a passion for developing an area worth where families thrive, we once had a thriving community that looked out for each other, we are all feeling the effects of the worst ever economic depression caused by the federal bank of America causing economic cancer on the Euro, Greek people being the first to be sacrificed to the golden calf of economic corruption. Here in London councils are looking to sell off public assets to private enterprise in a bid to shift all responsibility of upkeep of social public buildings to private investors, selling them as if a fire sale to anyone interested,  tax evaders & criminal wealthy are keen to put their wealth in secure investments and that would presently be property in London as it has increased by 25% the last 3 years and it has pushed out our children due to unaffordable rents and mortgages, these investors are even happy to leave their properties empty as its just to secure accumulation of wealth not to help humans have secure affordable shelter.


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